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What are Cross-Database Solutions?

Professional software products of DBBALANCE become the best in class solution for heterogenic database comparison, synchronization, combination and migration. These operations are performed by using data base objects like Table Structure, Field Properties, Indexes, Foreign Keys, Primary Keys, Store Procedures and of cause Data itself. Cross-platform technology provides full and transparent work with all database providers/vendors. Adaptive conversion systems allow performing a full, exact and lossless data and schemes migration between heterogenic databases. User-friendly GUI provides you with different solutions and strategies to schemes and databases comparison/migration taking into consideration its specific needs and requirements. Cross-Database Solution (CDBS) products line is a part of industry-standard tools family that is used by thousands of IT engineers, software developers, DBAs and testers around the world because it's easy to use, it's fast and it errorless.

Why use our products?

DBBALANCE products is your modern and quality solution to database objects comparison, synchronization, unification and migration, that comes to free you from an old and unreliable manual methods used for these purposes. Cross-platform technology and data conversion adaptive systems allow you to reach the best in class performance in quality and data processing quickness.

Who would use these products?

Almost anybody their projects use database. In addition to the build automation, comparison and synchronization of databases as part of a formal management process change, IT engineers, DBAs and developers would use Cross-Database Solutions products daily and consider it an essential part of their toolkit. DBBALANCE software products are used by DBAs as well as by data base application developers. Q&A and technical support engineers will finally be able to free themselves from manual routine operations with the help of these products.

When would you use our Cross-Database Solution?

  • During product development often your database goes through changes and at the end of the development cycle these changes have to be implemented on production data base.
  • As a DBA you are required to determine the difference between database schemes or to have filtered data compared.
  • New purchased Software system requiring your legacy database to be converted into new database. As CDBS products are working with all DBMS providers, your legacy database can be easily converted from old DBMS vendor into a new one. The differences in table structure and data can be easily and precisely identified and conversion into new database performed.
  • You've completed a cycle of software development. The product passed QA and sent to the client, but the client is complaining about its quality/functionality… You think that difference between your QA and Customer DB needs to be checked.
  • Your company is in the process of new software product development using DB. There are several developers/teams involved in the development and each has its own DB schema replication. During their work the changes are made in separate DB replications and you are looking for the easiest way to combine the changes to the Master DB schema
  • Your QA team is validating the product, during this process some changes, additions or deletion of the DB can take place.
  • You would like to verify that the replication of the DB or its parts succeeded and the data was fully and errorless copied. Unfortunately data base management system doesn't provide you with that solution and there is no certainty in copied data accuracy.
  • You have complex database structure. The information about let say 'Employee' stored in few tables 'Employee details', 'Sales', 'Contracts', 'Accounts' etc. and linked by identifier 'Employee _ID'. You need to compare logically the data about 'Employee' stored in different DBs. These DBs can be located on different DB servers(different DBMS vendors even) and tables having different structure.
  • You are looking for the solution to maintain an up to date "copy exact" data base as a backup solution "just in case"...
  • The software product developed by your company is using a data base to maintain different production data configurations and production environment rules and regulations. You are looking for a way to change this information in the data base at your client site. While preparing an ‘Upgrade’ package that goes to the client, you are asked to include set of SQL scenarios that will insure clear and errorless transfer of all configured tables' data located on client servers.

Where are these solutions used?

Development companies and financial institutions, industrial and medical organizations, logistics and insurance companies, scientific departments and police – EVRYWHERE data bases exist and need to be efficiently managed.

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