Connection tree, real and virtual objects.

The instant that a connection occurs with the database, the program will load all the meta-data concerning the database, which will be reflected in the tree connections.

  • The Tables group contains information about all the tables that are accessible to the user.
  • The Views group contain information about all the database defined views that are accessible to the user.
  • The Virtual Table group contain information about virtual tables. Virtual table, is not physically present in the database but are described by the user for the particular connection.
  • The Stored Query group contains information about the SQL statements prepared by the user to be used within a particular connection.

Figure 4: Connections and connection objects

The user can disabale or enable any of the physical objects in the database for the purposes of performing operations such as comparison, synchronization, and migration.

For the purposes of enabling/disabling an object, choose and right-click the appropriate object in the connection tree.
Choose the appropriate operation - Enable Table/View or Disable Table/View - in the menu that appears.
If the Disable option is chosen, the program will not consider this object for operations, treating this object as absent from the database.

Figure 5: Setting Options

NOTE: ALL of the selections made by the user in the connections-tree will be AUTOMATICALLY saved by the program at the moment of disconnection from the database, or when the application is closed. They will AUTOMATICALLY load at the next connection session.

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