How to migrate a table from one database to another.

Key Points:

  • The program allows:
    1. Migration of only a table structure - creating a blank table in the receiver data base.
    2. Migration of data only - copying the data from one table to another existing table.
    3. Migration of both structure and data - creating a new table in the target database having same structure and containing same data as the source table.
  • Tables, views and virtual tables can be used as source object when migratin structures.
  • Tables, views, virtual tables and stored queries can be used as source data objects for migration data into a target table .
  • With the migration of the structure, the program automatically converts (if necessary) the column parameters according to Convert Options settings.

The Table Migration Procedure:

  1. Select the table intended for migration from the source database and select "Tables" group on the target database side:
    Figure 28: Source - Target selection
  2. Use Migrate > Table/View > Structure and Data menu command
  3. Press OK in the Migrate Structure and data dialog, in order to continue the migration.
    Figure 29: Migrate Structure and Data dialog
  4. In the Rename Table dialog, specify the name of the new table, that will be created in the targed database and click OK.
    Figure 30: Assign table name
  5. In case the Design Preview option is checked, the Design Table XXX dialog will open allowing the user to change the table name, column names and properties etc.
    Figure 31: Design Preview
  6. Make the needed corrections and click the OK to continue.

The program will perform the migration procedure. If successful, it will insert the table with the new name into the destination connection-tree:
Figure 32: Table migration result

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