We offer three levels of distribution partnership: agent, reseller and distributer.

  • At the distributor partner level we work with our partners to create an annual joint marketing plan and sales targets which outlines support levels, training programs, co-marketing, promotion and the corresponding prepayment and discount schedules
  • Our reseller partners prepay for a set number of licenses on an annual basis which earns the partner the appropriate discount schedule
  • Our agents receive a discount based on a one-time sales to a third party with a discount schedule based on the number of copies sold
For more information, discount schedules and to apply for a partnership agreement please contact us at

DBBalance registered partners:

Company Website Email Phone
ASAP Software (847) 465-3700
SHI (732) 764-8888
Insight Enterprises (800) 624-0503
Discovery Products +34 671 339850

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