F.A.Q.: Purchasing Questions

 How can I purchase your software?
 How long does it take to fill an order or respond to a question?
 What should I do in case of any problems during purchasing process?
 How do I purchase online?
 What kind of credit cards do you accept?
 Is it safe to use my credit card on DBBalance purchase site?
 How long does it take to get the product after I paid online by credit card?
 Do you charge VAT, State Taxes, etc?
 What is your refund policy?
 Do you have a local resellers?
 I'm a reseller and have a customer who is interested in buying your software. Can you give me a discount?
 I want to buy several CDBS products. Are any discounts available?
 Are there discounts for purchase of multi-user license of software?
 Can I upgrade to CDBS Studio or CDBS Comparator Pro if I have purchased CDBS Comparator Lite previously?
 I have purchased software before, if I purchase more can I benefit from quantity discounts?
 Do you offer discounts for academic, non-profit, governmental or charitable organizations or associated individuals?
 Do you offer site/company-wide licenses?
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