Cross-Database Comparator Lite
  • Finds and shows database schemas differences
  • Finds and shows database content differences.
  • Supports working across different DB types
  • Reliable - Providing you with accurate and up to the minute information across any database.
  • Simple - Reduce the complexity, cost and risk associated with working with multiple databases.
  • Flexible - Increase your productivity leveraging robust customization of migration, comparison and synchronization strategies.

Using Cross-Database Comparator Lite you can:

  • Save time by automatically comparing database schema objects and content.
  • Eliminate mistakes by finding data and schema changes from development database to test or production database.
  • Find and fix errors caused by differences between databases.
  • Generate SQL scripts to update one database with the contents of another.
  • Quickly fix problems by finding damaged or missing data to a single row.
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